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Lottery tickets are sold “two by two”, and cost B80 per pair. The cost is set by law, so please report any sellers charging more than this by calling us at 02-3451466 or reaching us through our site fighting structure by strategies for our site


We print tickets for a million numbers for every lottery. Most occasions we print five “sets” of each number, in any case, all things considered, we print six “sets” to develop the opportunity of winning progressively noticeable prizes.

The motivation driving why tickets are sold two by two is so the champ can “withdraw” one portion of the pair and offer it as a prize with someone else.

First prize is B3 million for each ticket stub, thusly with one “pair”, you will win B6 million. The more “sets” you purchase, the more recognizable the prize you will win. The practically identical applies for all prizes to be won. go to this site

There are separated draws for other gigantic prizes, as looks for after:

Second prize – B100,000 (5 prizes accessible) – Matching six digits in the subsequent prize draw.

Third prize – B40,000 (10 prizes accessible) – Matching six digits in the third prize draw.

Fourth prize – B20,000 (50 prizes accessible) – Matching six digits the fourth prize draw

Fifth prize – B10,000 (100 prizes accessible) – Matching six digits in the fifth prize draw.

There are besides the striking prizes, as looks for after:

The ticket number over the triumphant first-prize number – B50,000.

The ticket number underneath the triumphant first-prize number – B50,000.

There are also littler prizes as looks for after:

Early on three digits – B2,000 (two prizes accessible).

Last three digits – B2,000 (two prizes accessible).

Last two digits – B1,000 (one winning pair).

There used to be “gigantic stake” prizes, in like way called “First Prize Bonus” prizes of B30 million and B22 million, in any case, these prizes are once in a while again advanced.

The best method to CLAIM YOUR PRIZE

Any prizes of B20,000 or less can be guaranteed in authentic money from the vendor who sold you the triumphant ticket. Any prizes over B20,000 must be guaranteed eye to eye at the GLO head office at 359 Nonthaburi Rd, Tambon Tha Sai, Muang District, Nonthaburi, where you will get a check for your prizes. This is unlimited in Phuket, as there is no GLO office there.

Our office is open from 8:30 am to 3 pm (open during lunch), Monday through Friday (shut on open occasions).

To guarantee your prize, balance a case structure, balance the subtleties on the back of the triumphant tickets and take a line number. At whatever point called, you should show the triumphant ticket/s and your Thai ID card or visa (for untouchables).

On the off chance that its no different to you note that all champs are in danger to pay 0.5% stamp responsibility on government lottery prizes and 1% stamp duty on beneficent lottery rewards.

The stamp duty is payable on all prizes, including for prizes of B20,000 or less paid in real money by dealers, who are required to amass – and pay – the stamp responsibility for the prosperity of the victors.

For full subtleties on the best way to deal with guarantee your prize call the Department of Prize Payment at 02-5289621 or visit If you win a basic prize, it is distinctly suggested that you report your triumphant go to the closest police base camp at the most timely opportunity to keep any gangsters from deceitfully guaranteeing your prize.

10-Is Thai Lottery a Scam and Can You Play It Online?

The credibility of Thai Lottery 3up tips result reestablishes an extremely long route towards old occasions. Individuals of Thailand are exceptionally charmed with being a player themselves. The lottery is centred around very in Thailand as it is the standard sort of betting permitted here in Thailand. The framework is all around different wandered from the western world. Along these lines, here is the path by which it goes.

In any case, I should discuss the picture of what a Thai lottery takes after.

National lottery

As should act naturally clear, there is just a singular sort of lottery open, which is the essential one. Different ones are later, as I will discuss them genuinely later on. This kind of lottery has been utilized in Thailand for quite a while. It is still paper-based material while different nations have built up an electronic framework to manage the lottery tickets. In Thailand, you’ll need to get lottery tickets from experts, which get these tickets from retailers. By and large, lottery tickets are drawn on various occasions every month, which are the essential day of the month (the first) and the sixteenth. Each ticket costs 80 baht. This is the standard cost. Each ticket has 2 zones, the top and the base part

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