Golf rangefinder with slope

Nikon has discovered wide achievement in the optical market when all is said in done, so it’s nothing unexpected that they make a decent rangefinder too. The Nikon Coolshot Pro is a smooth, conservative unit evaluated to contend with the Bushnell X2.

Also, the highlights themselves keep the gadget focused with pretty much some other alternative available too.


This competition lawful tracker incorporates enough sweet new bits of innovation to essentially ensure that your playing accomplices will always be imploring you to try it out. Today we will go over the highlights included here to perceive how this unit performs, and how it piles facing the more extensive market all in all. That at the top of the priority list, read on for an audit of the Nikon Coolshot Pro!


Balance out

Steadiness is the name of the game with this rangefinder. The “Balance out” innovation at work here is enhanced to keep up the honesty both of your sightline, and the laser shaft itself that shoots out and takes the perusing.

This component sounds sort of dubious yet it’s very convenient because it ensures against the most erratic factor at work in each range discoverer: the client. see this page

Better believe it, sorry. In any case, while these gadgets may be exactness tuned instruments of precision, your temperamental left hand isn’t.

When utilizing your normal rangefinder, you may need to take a few readings, three, four, five, preceding you choose you’re getting a precise number. And still, at the end of the day, it can now and again be a mystery.

Fundamentally, the Stabilized tech in this gadget works by ensuring the unit against the vibration or unsteadiness of the human hand. It is anything but a total course amendment, yet it ought to improve exactness by about 20%.

Normally, when looking at getting a perusing that will assist you with settling on your club, that is an entirely enormous number.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder

Bolted On

The “Bolted On,” highlight works in wonderful amicability with the balancing out innovation. In the wake of getting a read, most rangefinders connote that they are bolted on so you realize you’ve gotten your last number.

The issue is that in specific cases you’re not entirely certain what you’ve bolted onto. Possibly it’s green. Possibly it’s a tree behind the green. Taking into account that the correct number can mean the distinction between birdy or a twofold intruder, you’ll most likely need to make sense of what you’re managing.

The “Bolted On,” highlight in the Nikon rectifies this issue by sectioning the objective subject with a green circle so you don’t have to question you bolted onto the stick.

Waterproof/Fog Proof

In case you’re the kind of golf player that gets the posse together downpour slush or sparkle for the end of the week circle (and assuming this is the case, we salute you coincidentally) you are going to need a rangefinder that is as versatile as your inflexible assurance.

Be that as it may, shockingly, not the entirety of the items out there are great at facing the components.

Luckily, strength won’t be an issue with the Nikon. The rangefinder is bundled in waterproof, mist evidence packaging that will keep the delicate innovation at work in this gadget safe from the harsh climate.

Furthermore, since this rangefinder isn’t modest you will be happy to have that additional tad of protection.

Slant Tech

The slant perusing innovation will be incredible for clients that play on bumpy courses. That annoying downhill standard three with the enormous dugout before the green is somewhat increasingly sensible if you can get a grip of exactly how much incline you have to fight with.

A Word About the Rules

The Nikon Coolshoot Pro is, as we referenced, equipped for utilizing slant understanding innovation. While this element is a convenient one to have close by for training adjusts, and your standard end of the week warrior trips, you do need to remember that it’s additionally not permitted in focused play with the slant highlight initiated.

At the point when the slant perusing highlight is of a light touch off on the gadget, from a certain perspective guaranteeing your playing sidekicks will know whether you’re attempting to act deceptively.

This is a quite sweet element since it winds up giving you the best of the two universes, however, you do need to have some attention to it in case you’re going to keep your competition play alright.

How it Stands Up to the Rest of the Market

The nearest, most significant contender against his gadget would likely be the Bushnell X2. Both as far as estimating division and execution based highlights, these two units share a decent arrangement for all intents and purpose.

Each component tough lodging, slant innovation that can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch, and a solid precision rating.

What truly recognizes them from each other is the balancing out component we see here, particularly as it sets with the locking sections. Even though these elements probably won’t appear to be huge, they do make the Nikon aggressively easy to use and exact. Both prized highlights to pay special mind to in any rangefinder.

What We Didn’t Love

As far as execution based issues, we didn’t disagree with definitely. It’s a very dependable gadget that scores a birdie or better with the entirety of its new forefront highlights. With all the exertion Nikon put into this unit, it was unexpected that they’re utilizing a case with flexible sides.

The Case – what year is it?

These don’t completely shield the gadget from drops which is baffling when you’re spending over $400 on the gadget in the first place. Indeed, even sub-$200 off-brand rangefinder models have begun utilizing the full-body zip case – so it can’t cost more than a couple of bucks for Nikon to include this in.

Front line innovation is expensive

The MSRP of the Coolshot Pro Stabilized arrives in a just shy of $450. This isn’t modest – however, nowadays nothing that functions admirably is modest. You’re paying extra here for shiny new highlights – expanded ease of use through the adjustment, unfathomably clear focal point from a top camera maker, brisk objective securing and a strong brand name.


The Nikon is from multiple points of view practically identical to the innovation found in the Bushnell X2, yet figures out how to nose its way in front of the tech pack through a couple of key bits of innovation. The “Bolted On”/”Settle” includes specifically are an extremely basic however exceptionally compelling touch that most clients will profit enormously from.

Is this item directly for you? In case you’re in the excellent rangefinder showcase, it’s truly among this and the Bushnell X2. The X2 has a superior case, the tough aluminium body that gives it an incredible weight and the Bushnell suite of standard highlights (shock, incline). Be that as it may, here you get the adjustment and improved objective procurement opportunity that accompanies it. It’s an intense call however I have the Coolshot in my sack at this moment…

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