Call of Duty Cheats on PC

This page contains a once-over of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and distinctive insider realities for Call of Duty for PC. In the occasion that you’ve discovered a cheat, you’d like to add to the page, or have a cure, if it’s not all that much issue snap EDIT and incorporate it.

Ammo For Weapons

Coming up next are a once-over of weapons in the game. Each weapon can be energized with full ammunition by opening up the in-game cheats solace and forming “give ____” (short the announcements), where the underline ascends to one of the weapon names underneath on the right.

  • BAR/30cal. – bar
  • Bren LMG – bren
  • Colt.45 – colt
  • FG42 – fg42
  • Kar98k – kar98k
  • Lee-Enfield – Enfield
  • Luger – luger
  • M1 Garand – m1garand
  • M1A1 Carbine – m1carbine
  • Mosin Nagant – mosin_nagant
  • MP40 – mp40
  • MP44 – mp44
  • PPSh – push
  • Master shooter Kar98k – kar98k_sniper
  • Master shooter Mosin-N – mosin_nagant_sniper
  • Springfield – Springfield
  • Sten – sten
  • Thompson SMG – Thompson
  • Level Select
  • Press Tab and enter these cheats in a single-player game.
  • Runway: map runway
  • Berlin: map berlin
  • Brecourt: map Precourt
  • Burnsville: map Burnsville
  • Carrie: map passed on
  • Domain: map house
  • Dam: map dam
  • Danville: map Danville
  • Handling plant Map: map creation line
  • Hurtgen: map Hurtgen
  • Pathfinder map pathfinder
  • Pathfinder map pathfinder
  • Pegasusday map pegasusday
  • Pegasusnight map pegasus knight
  • Pow camp map pow camp
  • Railyard map railyard
  • Red square map red square
  • rocket guide rocket
  • sewer map sewer
  • Ship: map send
  • Stalingrad: map Stalingrad
  • Tank drive Country: map tankdrivecountry
  • Tankdrivetown: map tankdrivetown
  • Trainstation: map train station
  • Getting ready: map planning
  • Truck ride: map truck ride
  • Cheat List

Recognize this string +set there is cow 1337 +set creator 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkey toy 0 beyond what many would consider possible of the bearing line in the substitute route to the Call of Duty game executable (cod.exe or something like that). Press the tilde key while playing to drop the dev-console to enter cheats. Find more info

god – Invincibility

give all – Get all weapons, things, and ammo

give ammo – Refill ammo for all weapons

give prosperity – Get full prosperity

no clip – Fly through dividers

no target – Enemies dismiss you

If the game says “sv_cheats are scrutinized simply” enter set random sv_cheats 1 in the help before starting codes. If the game says “cheats are not engaged on this server” enter spdevmap (map name) before instituting codes.

Covered comment

In Burnsville (the resulting guide), when you have to go into the gathering to take out the two overwhelming weapons masters and the antiaircraft shoot, don’t go to the assembly. Or maybe, stay behind the gigantic tomb with a cross on it and hurl shots over the divider to where the two overwhelming weapons masters and antiaircraft guns would be (the side of where the dividers meet above it). Keep hurling them until someone says “Way to deal with a toss, Private”.

Can’t Cheat from this server fix

This trick will mishandle a fatal mix-up when applying the “+set engineer 1 +set sv_cheats 1” request line parameter, in case you get the “You can’t undermine the server” message. In the wake of starting the game with that bearing line parameter, select another game (or “Resume” a present game and the cheat should work). Set the level and start it. By then, save the game and exit out back to Windows. Restart the game and select “Resume”. Don’t physically pick a game to stack. You ought to just “Resume” your present game.

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the “+set there is cow-like 1337 +set engineer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkey toy 0” course line parameter. While playing the game, press ~ to show the solace window. Enter one of the going with codes at the console window to impel the relating cheat work. Repeat a code to cripple its effect. Note: If the game responds “sv_cheats are scrutinized just”, by then sort “set subjective sv_cheats 1” in the solace before inciting the codes. If the game responds that “cheats are not enabled on this server” by then kind “spdevmap [map name]” (for example, “Bournville” or “Danville”) in the solace before activating the codes.

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