October 25, 2021

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Do i Really need to Hire a car at Murcia Airport?

Murcia is situated at the South-East corner of the Iberian Peninsula in The country between the aspects of Castile-La Mancha, Andalusia and Valencia. The spot of Murcia occupies an area of approximately 11, 317 sq mls which is some 2. 2% of the total surface of The country.

Murcia has a really small airport called San Javier airport, which handles some international routes every week. It also offers all kinds of facilities like car hire and regional transport. The airport is about 45 mls beyond the city of Murcia and is very close to a small town called San Javier. The airport serves the area of Costa Calida and Costa Blanca quite efficiently. Its lovely position is good for visitors heading for La Manga and Marly Menor. Recently, this part of The country has gained popularity with the tourists, which is making more and more international routes to operate at the Murcia airport.

Transport at Murcia airport

Though Murcia Airport is becoming busier everyday, still public transportation link from the airport is quite inadequate. Public transport in The country is very weak with only three daily direct bus connections to town center Murcia City. There is no direct train connection to the airport and there is hardly any other public transportation. You can either avail a airport taxi up to your hotel or you can go for a car hire at Murcia airport.

Hiring a car at Murcia airport

Leasing a car and enjoying a trip around the city is the best and cheapest way of experiencing and enjoying the city. But there are certain things you need to follow to make your trip cheap as well as enjoyable:

— Always book your car rental before you arrive at the airport. If you reserve your car beforehand, you would not only find it cheaper but pre booking will ensure your car at the airport. Leasing a car at Murcia airport is not a very tough job because many car rental companies — both local and big American car rental companies have their offices here. You just need to do a little bit of research before you settle on a deal.

— Hired cars at Murcia airport comes in different sizes and shapes. But, you must choose the right car for your comfortable journey ahead. You should make your decision depending on the number of individuals traveling along and the amount of suitcases you are carrying.

If you really want to enjoy beautiful Murcia to its fullest, then you must avail car rental services at Murcia airport to make your journey in the city comfortable and hassle — free.